Ark hunters,

The New Frontier can be a dangerous place for ark hunters, so we’d like to arm you with information to better protect yourself in Defiance.
  • Do not let other ark hunters hold onto your weapon for you or accept upgrades from unfamiliar people. Your goods may be too good to resist, and our support team will be unable to assist if ownership disputes arise from these transactions.
  • Arkforge is an untradeable currency. Attempting to bypass this through trades for upgrades can be dangerous and is not a supported transaction.
  • Be careful of who you allow leadership status in your clan, as our support team will be unable to assist with active ownership disputes.
  • When trading, take your time. There’s no rush, and it’s better to play it safe instead of putting your hard-earned goods at risk.
  • If a deal sounds too good to be true, it very well might be! Beware of unusual offers in-game and if it seems off, don’t take it.
Treachery is by no means encouraged, but trust is best when it is earned. In the past, we have directed players to our support team for scamming issues in-game, but unfortunately, it is rarely possible to prove a scam occurred after the fact. Please exercise caution.