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    Environment: NA-x360
    Name: any.
    Time: anytime anyday.
    Context: I have a vot volge lightning rifle in hand, using it to engage targets.
    Expected: I expected the rifle to do damage with good hits.
    Observed: Instead, I got nothing. Watched the projectile either hit, or pass right through the target with no damage done.
    how to replicate: just use the vot volge lightning rifle at different charge amounts, you'll experience exactly what I'm talking about.

    Environment NA X360
    Name: any
    time: it varies.
    context: Queueing for expert coop quick match (NOT queueing for expedition).
    expected: matchmaking finds 3 others and starts an expert coop.
    observed: instant loading screen and dumped into an expedition, being charged a hunter req, with absolutely no option to say no/don't join/leave before being charged that req and dumped into expedition, usually with an extremely low level toon at a very low tier&round.

    environment NA X360
    name: any
    time: all day
    context: several different weapon types (particularly rocket and some shotguns), reloading.
    expected: full reload anytime a reload is triggered by player or 0mag.
    observed: partial reloads, instead of full reloads, with no player initiated interruption.
    Pretty much is the case with any weapon that reloads part of the mag at a time: rockets, pump shotguns - and even courier despite courier not being a pump or rocket.

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    Environment: NA + PC
    Name: Captain Laggy
    Time: Always happens
    Context: Salvage Matrix Change Rarity Tier Bonus function
    Expected: Used the rarity tier bonus change on a DC-2 Turtle Dove Mk II (Supreme rarity); selected the blue Rare tier to reroll the 1.80x Mag bonus.
    Observed: The purple Epic tier bonus (0.60x Recoil) was rerolled instead and locked; only 20 AF was deducted as though I was using the blue Rare reroll.
    Repro Steps: 100% reproducible in-game from description. Confirmed with another friend as well.

    - Integral offering sound expedition advice

    IGN: Captain Laggy | Clan: The Consortium | Trade Thread!

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    Any toon

    Ive seen this before but its been awhile but it recently returned in past few patches.

    What happens: Doing a conflict/seige/Incursion at a threat level sticks even when you leave the area. Only tested with fast travel, but going from say a Ken Farm inc. When I travel from there, my treat level sticks. Was at Shondus with a t10 threat and dramatic music is still playing. All other locations are non-enemy populated and conflicts are dead zones.

    What should happen: Threat level should drop and conflicts should be active.

    Work around:
    a. Logout and back in.
    b. Travel to someone on a different shard (often resulting in a crit out).
    c. Killing yourself forcing an extraction. (Works most of the time but your extraction is back to the area you were in when you were at the stuck threat level REGARDLESS of where your extract point says it is on the map.).

    Seems the charactor data gets stuck in that location and thats why you extract back to that area... (Fast traveled from KF to Shondus...drove to San Quentin conflict....jumped off the bridge...drown...extracted back to Ken Farm which cleared the stuck threat level.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by SanCarioca View Post
    Team Defiance always fixed bugs, always -- every patch note or so is full of bug fixes. But there was a problem with the bugs WE wanted fixed, and the bugs THEY did fix -- expectations not always were met between both sides. This thread is the greatest opportunity we ever had to establish that priority with them. It's a Bug Bash entirely dedicated to the community. Chime in.

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    Environment: EU-PC
    Name: any
    Time: any
    Context: Re-rolling a rarity bonus lowers weapon stats.
    Expected: Higher damage numbers for rolling a damage boost. Steady damage numbers / crit mult for rolling anything else than damage boost / crit boost.
    Observed: Lower damage numbers for any roll, lower crit mult for any roll

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    Environment: EU-PC
    Name: any
    Time: any
    Context: Crit Mult doesn't add up correctly. Original Crit Mult was 4.1x, the weapon has a blue rarity bonus of x1.25 Crit Mult, a Legendary Critical Force Barrel which gives another x1.25 Crit Mult and +10% Crit Multplier from the synergy
    Expected: 4.1x * 1.25 * 1.25 * 1.10 (+10% Crit Multplier from the synergy) = 7.0x
    Observed: a crit mult of 6.6x

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    Pc/Na Masteries are not raising to supreme level when upgrading from legendary to supreme.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fisherman Joe View Post
    Pc/Na Masteries are not raising to supreme level when upgrading from legendary to supreme.
    That's intended I guess, same for Epic to Legendary

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    Thought it used to be that way but they changed it. Figured if they changed it for epic to legendary they'd make it that way for legend to supreme.

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    On XBOX 360 I can go to any siege at any time, fire one shot and appear as number 1 on the leaderboard. This happens at all sieges...doesn't matter if it's Volge or Undead. This does not happen during incursions only standard sieges. I submitted a ticket a while ago, but it's still the same. This has been going on for over three months now.

    Since the latest patch I am unable to go into my inventory, scroll all the way down and break down an item without the item list resetting to the top of my item list. In expeditions I always break down unwanted rig gear. Before the latest patch -and always- all I had to do was scroll to the bottom of my item list, break down whatever item and the cursor would move to the next item in the it resets to the top of the list every time making it take forever to rid myself of unwanted gear. If I push up and A all it does is reverse the order of my items, it does not go to the bottom of the list.

    Since the latest patch I've experienced at least five instances where I did not get any rewards and my score appeared as zero despite my score clearly showing throughout the event. This has happened on minor arkfalls, major arkfalls and most recently a Volge incursion.

    Silicon Valley incursions have been trashed for months since you changed the original format.
    Since the enemy buff - no complaints there - incursions will more often than not roll-over into the second form without any enemies getting anywhere near the arkfall. This is especially annoying when you're at part 3 or 4 and you suddenly get no credit for completing the incursion. I would love for someone to explain how we are supposed to know exactly when and where Silicon Valley incursions will actually work like they're supposed to, it's a toss-up no matter what part of the (Silicon Valley) map you're on.

    I've quit doing expeditions until I'm certain rewards haven been fixed after losing no less than 6 loot chests out of 14.

    I realize this post isn't formatted the way it should be and for this I apologize. I'm typing with an Xbox controller as this is currently the only way I can post. Thank you.

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