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Thread: Spikes ?

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    Spikes ?

    Was anyone having problems with spikes not deploying near a major arkfall event. Could not even get one too deploy near an event.They were not working within the majors, at all did anyone else have this problem?

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    Every major I hit had approximately one billion. We all know spikes don't stack right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ray8888 View Post
    Every major I hit had approximately one billion. We all know spikes don't stack right?
    yea but every WM they like to throw down every last spike possible right before the WM locks drop...
    me being the smarter than the average bear, throws down an ammo spike instead to accent everyones damage spike since they're all blasting thru 2\3 of their ammo just busting his back-armour

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    I did,nt have any spike problems in the earlier events this year,except for a slight 2 sec delay in activating, had all kinds of other problems,but ironically, spikes was,nt one of them,and not working outside the major at all never experienced that.

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    I noticed that when I deployed a spike, it immediately disappeared. I would have the "Spike Shard Armor" and notice a difference in performance relative to the spike, just couldn't physically see it.
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    It was fine at minors just jast night if i was in major event,or near one,spike would,nt deploy at all. I could,nt tell any difference,and i play where it shows damage numbers. lol its minor compared to other problems, just try to do the best i can while im in the lag lol.

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