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    Looking for New Clan

    I am looking for an active clan. I just left a clan where the founder and only leader have been inactive for two months. I am currently around Ego 3600.
    GT and character name Jobrrraaaa

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    My clan is currently open, aZe Clan:
    This is on xbox 360 if you want more information on us contact me
    via xbox live

    GT: aZe Mepxe

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    if u want ina clan msn me it gt: roddyliveclan85 it a real good clan 3100 4 the clan??

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    might as well throw it out there. I am looking for clan members for my clan. I did make a post about it. Since then my ego is up to 2025.

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    Join Unified Gamers!!! We are a very active clan, expos, pvp, co-op, etc!

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