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    Clan invite

    Former defiance player (season 1 day 1 xbox)
    Made the switch to ps3. If you have room id like to join
    Ps3 sn: Dr0mm3r85 ill be on around 4pm est mic is questionable havent dusted it off in a good while

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    Free goodies if y'all want 'em

    I didn't see an area where we could post this for just the clan to choose from, so I thought I'd post it here.

    Anyone want some T5 weapons (4,600+ Ego)?

    They're just sort of taking up space in my inventory and I never use them. Would seem a waste to just dismantle them and I don't really need the scrip from selling them to a Vendor. Hopefully I'm getting the numbers down correctly. Kind of hard to tell on my old CRT tv sometimes.

    VOT Rebounder Cannon
    rocket launcher
    Ego 4,400

    stock: +3 Velocity
    barrel: x1.03 Dmg

    Synergy: Veteran

    x1.03 Dmg
    X1.75 Mag
    X1.25 Crit Multiplier
    +5% Durability Damage
    X1.20 Min Dmg

    max dmg 6585x5
    min dmg 856x5
    Fire Rate 1.1 ?
    Mag 4
    Reload 2.2
    Blast Radius 3.2x5

    VBI INF-3 Canker
    Ego 4,683

    stock: x0.90 bloom
    x0.90 recoil
    barrel: x1.5 bug dmg
    x0.93 dmg
    magazine: x0.90 reload

    Synergy: Outlaw

    x0.90 reload
    x1.05 fire rate
    x1.45 magazine
    +5% health damage
    +4 range

    dmg 0
    dmg/sec 4094/sec
    fire rate 7.3
    mag 29
    reload 2.0
    bug dmg 6182
    homing range 24

    VOT Volge Battle Rifle MK IV
    light machine gun
    (electrical damage)
    ego 4,668

    Synergy: Grenadier

    x1.15 mag
    +0.40 full damage radius
    x0.80 reload
    +25% speed boost for 5 seconds after explosive kill
    -0.25 recoil

    dmg 10710
    fire rate 1.5
    mag 17
    reload 2.3
    crit mult 1.6x
    bloom 0.56

    VOT Volge Battle Rifle MK IV
    light machine gun
    (electrical damage)
    ego 4,688

    Synergy: Machinist

    -0.10 recoil
    x1.30 mag
    x1.08 dmg
    10% ego power recharge on full reload (7s cooldown)
    x0.70 reload

    dmg 11654 ... or 1654 (hard to tell on this tv)
    fire rate 1.5
    mag 20
    reload 2.0
    crit mult 1.6x
    bloom 0.71

    VOT Volge Battle Rifle MK IV
    light machine gun
    (electrical damage)

    Synergy Grenadier

    x1.15 mag
    x0.85 reload
    x1.25 crit mult
    +25% speed boost for 5 seconds after explosive kill
    x1.20 fire rate

    dmg 1100
    fire rate 1.8
    mag 17
    reload 2.4
    crit mult 2.0x
    bloom 0.81 (I think)

    FRC Particle Repeater
    semi-automatic sniper rifle
    ego 4,668

    Synergy Quartermsater

    x1.03 dmg
    x1.15 crit mult
    x0.80 reload
    on full reeload, +3% life steal for 3 seconds (10s cooldown)
    x0.50 recoil

    dmg 5837
    fire rate 1.8
    mag 7
    reload 2.3
    crit mult 2.1x
    bloom 2.30

    If any of these look useful to y'all, just find me in game and ask. Like I said, I don't need 'em and hate to see them destroyed or sold back to a Vendor.

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    I'd like to join

    Im a newbie in this game as i've only been playing a few days on the PC(i was stoked to find out Defiance was on PS3) If age matters im 27 and i have a working mic(although most people claim im stoned when i talk XD i dont know why) I may not be as active as you'd like. Starting next week i'll be put on a busy shift at work that goes through the day and early night.

    My psn is InsaneFighterrrr

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    Five days and no reply or invite, Showing your clan is either dead or you don't care. So i'll look elsewhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WarDog89 View Post
    Five days and no reply or invite, Showing your clan is either dead or you don't care. So i'll look elsewhere.
    Hello! I can assure you this clan is neither dead nor insensitive. The Founder left a comment on this post stating that recruitment was currently on-hold. The OP doesn't check forums, hence why you will see myself frequently getting back to folk who comment on here, and relaying back to my friends (the Founders) in-game. I'll notify the poster of this thread to update that recruitment is currently closed. Sorry for the inconvenience!
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    Oh no problem, I shouldve looked harder.

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    I was not informed our recruitment was on hold so I apologize to anyone who asked to be added

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