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    Season 2 Episode 1 Tranquility Virus.

    Hi, im having trouble with S. 2 E. 1 Tranquility Virus im 1,363 ego and im barely doing damage, i can't seem to get through this without dying, ive watched a lot of videos and it seems like its a breeze.... What am i doing wrong? And i realize with this post most of you will say i stink at this game. I know i do, but still feel like I shouldn't be having this much trouble. Honest answers please. Don't say, "you stink" etc. i am no where near good at this game.

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    I tried this mission with EGO1100 toon....
    not replay mission, original one.
    wow, this difficulity is crazy... like as tier 31+ expedition.

    you are not wrong. but it can no death clear
    https://youtu.be/85VK4arxnHc (upload n processing)

    *if not use oj shield, sniper 1 shot kill me

    I reported on ticket #359124, wait fix or try other mission (and loot good equips)

    good luck nana
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    I had this too, had to exploit sniper rifle interrupt to fight them 1v1/1v2

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    hey sorry to saying too late... but that mission has a recomend ego lvl of 2000 meaning that for a 1100 or 1400 will be way to hard... i did it when i was 1600 and the only reason i end the mission was my sniper and my shield... just dont shoot directly or wait until you get lvl 2000

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    I just beat it at Ego 388, not even kidding you.

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    I happen to be playing this very mission right now with 979 EGO.
    I don't know how it'll go.

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    Update: I somehow managed to finish the mission with 979. A Sniper rifle made it relatively easy.

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