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    Project Aegis part 1 bugged?

    2 out of 4 turrets worked for me i killed multiple waves of bandits n it wouldn't let me reboot it

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    Mar 2013
    Yeah same here, I got to the last turret and couldn't reboot it.

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    Apr 2013
    Bugged last time I went out there. I think I could only even get 1 turret to show up when I got close to them. There were so many mobs up I couldn't survive close by.

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    Yeah skip it and try again some time later.

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    If the turret is bugged, get in your car, drive 200-300m away, come back, re-clear the area, reboot the turret.

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    I was having the same problem just try doing the objectives nearby by like disable the generators even though it has nothing to do with aegis but while you have aegis active, and return to see if it works. Also try driving away then coming back. You have to kill everything around before it let's you activate even though it shows it shooting/active you can still activate it after you kill everything. When it shows press E or equivelent try killing everything nearby. If it doesn't show it drive away then return until it shows it when it does kill everything and it will let you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Syco View Post
    2 out of 4 turrets worked for me i killed multiple waves of bandits n it wouldn't let me reboot it
    drive away from the area and come back. do this a few times and they will work.

    had the same issue.

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    Ive almost finished all side mission and finished main story, I gotta say there was 3 bugged mission, but then I joined to PVP, came back and it worked in every time. Nothing to complain really, if you think how many damn quest there is.

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    Was bugged for me as well. But only one turret. Just so happened to be the one with the tankers, or whatever those rocket shooting fatties are called.

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    Problem with turrets is, that they wont reset "itself". So basically kill everything in its reach and u should be able to reboot it.

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