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    I haven't looked at the spreadsheets but fire rate should be the number of bullets that the weapon can fire every second, so mag size divided by fire rate should equal the time it takes to empty the clip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tullman View Post
    Humm, I've done my best to absorb those calcs but when I look at the math portion on the sheet Ttot and Sustained DPS are being revised 3 times each. Are these variations that get used depending on the input values. My calculations thus far as not lining up to the Sheets (close though). I'm assuming that 'Time to empty clip' is a perceptual observation or is there a way to calc that based on fire rate and clip size. Cheers
    Math tab should be read like a mathematical proof. The important equation is the Sustained DPS result as well as Burst DPS (DMG*Fire Rate).

    Equations confirmed multiple times though the one that is still around and I trust is Tekrunner's weapons table found here: http://forums.defiance.com/showthrea...-Weapon-Tables.

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    An Evo blast rifle with a fire rate of 15.8 and a mag of 113 does empty in about 7.6 seconds, as per mag/fire rate, so thats good lol.

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    Duh, 'show formulas' in those spreadsheets lol. Which I've replicated, but somethings still off in my logan variations.

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    Well its working correctly and you can add and load weapons your comparing 'Add button under weapon name'. They appear at the bottom of the form. I'll pluck at it later. The ones from the logan sheets are named accordingly.


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    I've been using a spreadsheet to try and determine my "best" weapons based on DPS, and after looking at all the cool stuff posted in this thread, realized it is basically a DPS Calc.

    It is a little different in that it calculates not only base weapon damage, but also, crit, damage to shields, damage to health and damage to Armor Plates based on the weapon nano. It also allows you to sort on any column so it's easy to see which weapon has the highest crit dps or highest damage against shields. Here's a link and screen shot to an online version of the spread sheet:

    If you download or save the sheet and then fill out the Weapon Info and Weapon Stats sections, it will calculate the values in the DSP section:DPSCalc.jpg

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