I know this issue isn't just me because I tried to help someone with it yesterday, I got the present on Alcatraz yesterday and got the daily ticked off but not the weekly, no problem I thought I'll get the weekly ticked tomorrow when the new daily contract needs doing hopefully.

Nope the present is no longer highlighting so I can't click it again so can't complete the weekly or the new daily now, is anyone else having this problem and found a solution ?

To be clear I opened the first present yesterday morning a full 24 hours and a new daily cycle has begun since then and I've logged off and on again multiple times but no joy.

Edit Ok I think I've had enough coffee to be awake now

I'll double check but having looked at the contract I'm guessing you need to do the hulker major before the present is active I'll update if it does become active if I see a major event arkfall they seem to be rare atm hour on and none so far today