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    A list of some of the TV shows I've been freebasing lately

    NCIS - A bunch of cops and forensic scientists solve homicide cases

    Bones - a team of scientists and one cop solve homicide cases

    Perception - a schizophrenic college teacher helps his cop friend solve crimes related to mental illness

    Lost Girl - a bisexual succubus decides to become a freelance detective and help her cop boyfriend solve supernatural mysteries.

    iZombie - a psychic zombie helps the police solve homicide cases by eating the brains of the deceased and absorbing their memories

    Defiance - Nolan becomes the sheriff of Defiance and solves alien-related crimes when he's not getting drunk and beating the crap out of people

    Helix - a bunch of scientists from the CDC travel to various places, get their epidemiology on, and find that not all of the mysteries they encounter are disease-related

    Once Upon a Time - Jennifer Morrison becomes the sheriff of a town populated entirely by fairy-tale characters, and finds some mysteries to solve.

    Gotham - detective Jim Gordon joins the Gotham PD and promises to solve the Wayne murder case

    Continuum - a time-traveling cop joins the Vancouver PD in the present day. Mysteries ensue.

    I don't see any pattern starting to emerge here.

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    My boyfriend and I randomly discovered this new show on Hulu, but for those of you who have cable, it’s on the CW. This show kind of snuck up on me. Initially, I didn’t think I would like it because it appeared to be just a re-hash of Zombieland with a female lead. Upon further watching this show, I found that it’s actually a lot more like Grimm than Zombieland. The story follows Liv, a medical student turned zombie, who works at the local morgue and helps solve crimes after eating the brains of crime victims.

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    House of Cards – Probably the most un-me show to watch, this is a recommendation from my friend Arjun who I did a graduate profile on, you can read that here. Kevin Spacey plays the very convincing role of a sly and ruthless American congressman, Frank Underwood. Throwing his weight around in the White House halls all in the name of being powerful. I mean I knew Politics was like a dirty chess game but I didn’t realise it was this sick. Though I am still unsure if I like this show I don’t hate it anymore but I doubt I will make it to the end of this season.

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