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    youtube find - > musical artist- Aida

    i recently discovered this gem while cruising youtube.
    i dont speak russian,but,sometimes,music has no boundaries.


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    I'am an electronics musician for 20 years. The judges suspected a piece of electronic equipment was used to improve her voice. It's not like you can fool the cast of this show and slip an instrument between the microphone and the actual sound.
    The reason why the judges suspected foul play is because they knew she had a companion with an electronics instrument.
    There is a delay (echo) effect used in her voice. The delay effects were used in certain peaks of her lyrics or at the last 2 words of the lyrics. Listen closely to these timeframes: 2:38 2:59 3:23 and compare it with the rest of the song.
    Somebody must trigger these delay effects since you can't hear them continuously throughout the song.
    A microphone can have effect controllers but she isn't pressing any buttons.

    This is the reason why the judges suspected "her companion" to use voice enhancement tricks or foul play.
    A delay effect is no foul play since it just echo's her true voice.

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