*Radio Static* "Cmon, Cmon! this stupid things gutta work." *I Slam my Fist on the Console Until a Green Light Comes on* "Hello! Hello!, If anyones out there,

This is Conrad Laozon Davenport of Earth Republics 12th Divison, Special Operational Task Force, I enclose that this may be my final moments, we got VC hostiles moving

fast on our position. If anyones out there that can hear this we need back up amediately, New York has been completely destroyed. We have thousands of Erep soilders

and civilians dead and few left but we are all badly wounded, I dont think we can hold out much longer. We've been baraged by VC warships for the past few days

hundreds of Votans with relentless force, they're pushing our settlements farter west. They're are only a few of us left alive out here, you gutta help! a few of the

surviving men ran like cowards, they left heading west to join an Earth Republic Mercenary Coalition in San Francisco." *Sounds of Votan Flash Rifles and Screams Fill

the Room Through the Windows* "We Need back up quick!" *A Few of the Bullets Managed to Fly Through the Window and Destroy the Com Console* I slam the microphone down

in rage and in panic, footsteps echo up the radio tower I was located in, sounded like 6 of them, fully armored, fully geared, with their Flash Rifles and Superior

Defence Technology; greatly and gluttonously supplied by Von Bach Industries. I needed to find a way out quickly, or stand and fight with my half cocked, half jammed

Standard Earth Milatary Coalition Service Rifle, it was nothing special to me at the time, more common than a cardboard box in this new frontier, but it was all I had

at this moment. *As I Pull and Slam the Bolt Handle on my gun the Door to the Com Center Door Swings Open, Six Dark Matter Soilders Come Rushing in, in a V-Formation

Storming the Room looking for me* I managed to crouch down fast enough to hide behind the slight half wall between the Radio Console and the rest of the room before

they could catch a glimpse of me. *I hear a satisfying click as the gun finally rams the bullet in the chamber* I checked the clip, 5 shots in mag left and 1 in the

chamber, I guess todays gunna have to be my lucky day, as I smirked at the though of having to perfectly and accurately nail each one of them in the head with a single

shot each. Suddenly an open little case on the floor right next to me caught my eye, it had a small inlongated needle with a little plunger on the end. "It's a power

stim" i said shockingly, it's said that its a nanite filled syringe that can charge your ego device. I had only heard about these from the other soilders in the camp,

these things cost thosands of scrip, i thought to myself what is something like this doing in the com tower. *The shouts of Votan got louder* this isn't time to be

asking questions ithought, but ive never fully accessed my ego device before so i was a little caucious doing so. *Footsteps start coming closer so I found no other

solution* I injected the stim directly into my neck as i felt a large power flow through my viens and into my Ego unit, i hear a faint calling in my ear to grip my gun

tightly and focus. I felt a Surge of Energy flow from my hands into my gun, a bright amber light emmits from my arms and Rifle. "Let's do This!" I say confidantly. I

pop up over the wall and aim down the sights true. BANG goes the first bullet, shot off like a lightning bolt from the barrel, cracking the first one in the skull,

blood paints the walls a violent red as I snap the gun quickly to the next. BANG another round goes quick penetrating the cranium of the next. BANG deep between the

eyes. BANG and another Bang and finally BANG. the last one falls to the floor, a sickening view for human and votan alike. My hands start to fade to the natural tone,

white. My half castithan blood runs thick with anger as I calm from the addrenaline increase. Quickly coming to my sences I heard complete silence. No gun fire, no

screams, not even a slight breeze, absolutely nothing. I head down the stairs of the com tower to see the Votanist Collective heading victoriously to the west. I fall

to my knees. With the scattered remains of my fellow Company members laying in bits on the cold terraformed ground with smoldering ash of the cold fire blasts, I am

the lone surviver. Why am I forced to murder my own people for survival? Why am I the one to survive? I try to clear my thoughts. I pick up a sut covered Assault Rifle

of the Ground it was fitted with some fairly nice modifications a biological transputer built right in as well. On the side was engrave "I swear upon these words, i

will avenge them all!" After that day stood by those words and will never faulter for I will become the Dead Revenant.