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    How will the Universe continue?

    Ive read that Defiance will not get a 4tg Season. How will the Universe continue? Is there something in Plan? Like Fire Fly and the Comic Sequel?

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    Doubtful. Seems like things are starting to "wrap up"

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    That sucks. The end of the Series was announced, before the third Seasonw as released in Germany.

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    As I've mentioned before in another topic, they could easily continue the Defiance story in the game. Since the show is wrapped up, it now opens the possibility that players could get a chance to visit the town of Defiance in video game format (if the game makers are willing to cowboy up and start up another server dedicated to St. Louis while continuing to have the Bay). But, the closest way of any means of continuation is through the fans. Fan fiction, independent role-play like here, or fans start doing fan films are the closest thing continuation outside of the official stuff.
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