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Thread: Volge Bounties

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    Volge Bounties

    Volge "will take on tasks for other races if they are paid", so how much scrip for a Volge sidekick?

    Who wouldn't want a Volge sidekick, even the Omec fear them?

    I'd be like there is a bonus for you if you run out into the middle of those tier 40 bugs and draw their fire... then after it dies I'd get to keep my scrip.

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    I've tried bribing a few at a siege.
    They were not impressed.
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    Given the way the Viscera run away when you belt them I think they might leave you standing there with your finger on the trigger and an empty clip. They only get brave when there's two or more so maybe you need a Viscera entourage.
    I cannot fight a psychic enemy! How else do they know to move aside just as I pull my sniper rifles trigger, even when I am cloaked.

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