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    List of weapons with Wetwork/The Way of Change/Firewall

    So i am realy interested in 3 slots synergies.I already tried 7th Unity, and like the mechanism, but running around with katana (with is THE most overatted weapon of all time) looks just silly.

    I know its not most effecient synergies out there, but since WH 40K, i love idea of having on range and one melee weapon.

    Sadly i cant find any info trough google or defiancedata on what gear has those 3 synergies.I can swear ive seen some swords with firewall, but thats it.I dont know where to obtain them (apart from trading.Which is awkward when you cant say what you even looking for), closest i got was this list http://www.defiancedata.com/lockbox=...onage-lock-box But thats it.

    If anyone can give me a list, i would be realy happy!

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    Pretty sure the old 1M scrip vendor crate dropped all weapon types with these synergies. Also exl items have these synergies.

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    Watched 4 movie's about this so 90% of all guns come with this syn

    Movie 1
    Movie 2
    Movie 3
    Movie 4

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    These synergies come with any type of weapons but they were only available for the limited time from certain paid lockbox except for Extra Life event once a year. Wait till Trion make them available again in the store. I personally don't think they are useful. Firewall is the only synergy in the game which can repair your armor but other than that mostly useless especially TWoC.

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    All weapons were available. Corporate Espionage Lockboxes could be purchased via Scrip or Bit store.

    Firewall and Wetwork synergies were good. Synergy List Here. Even the first backpack bonus. TWoC however is garbage.

    NOTE: That Firewall and Wetwork bonuses include the user as well as allies.

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