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    What's your expo build?

    I've been starting to do expeditions more frequently and I'd like to know what kind of guns/shields/perks/ego powers/cyber rigs/chips people use in different expos and what works.

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    Rad Blast Rifle/ Rad Ground pounder for Hellbug
    Gravedigger/ Dawns light for Stolen Purpose/War Below

    Haven't been doing too much Heaven Sent but
    Electric Blast rifle works.

    As far as rigs and chips I'll use offensive rigs in the first few tiers but around tier 30 I'll switch to a Lucient with either 5 or 6 damage diffuser chips.

    Survivor Ironclads mostly, but I might switch it up in the early tiers when its not too difficult.

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    I typically run a supreme rad ST br with either my apex or corrupter in Hellbugs.

    I use a supreme Chaos and apex in heaven sent

    Both i use a rig set up to reduce self revive refresh

    I use a GA shield in all expos and keep a volge electric battle rifle handy to break my shield to regain my self revive

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    For hellbugs I use a Rad converted Emposa and a Rad Ground Pounder
    For Mutants/raiders I use either my Supreme Fire HP AR or my supreme Stalking Stuffer and Afterlife!
    For Dark Matter I use my Supreme Fire HP AR or my electric Votan Blast Rifle and Afterlife or Rad GP for bulwark Bosses.

    For cyber rigs I use two OJ Omnis one for ARs and one for SMGs
    And for shields I just use the Chimera Claw or My Ironclad Reloader

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    East coast should be sufficient

    expo loadout

    use mass cannon for general use, a gun with lifesteal for when you are low hp always have self revive perks and its good to make a rig based on the enemies you fight, like bugs. make a bio protection rig

    with this rig even bugs at tier 45 (including the boss) cant one hit me

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