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    Disconnected during PvP matches?

    Are any other people on NA(US) having issues playing PvP matches? Me and someone in my Clan have been getting disconnected most of the day it seems?

    Anyone have this happen to them or know why?

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    i hope there fixing that
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    This is happening to me today, all day.

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    happens every day i get like 2 or 3 in then d/c rest of them

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    I have the same issue as well, I also can't connect to any shadow wars matches either.
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    Do we have to open particular ports? With how random the DC'ing is, reminds me of something that requires ports to be opened.

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    Rather than getting disconnected my problem in pvp is the often happening invisibility of all players in the pvp session. Nobody else having this issue?
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    Press right
    open shadow wars
    join match and wait
    voice in my head says this is gonna be fun
    timed out
    spend 10 minutes trying to get back into game

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