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    Quote Originally Posted by Sea_Jay View Post
    TRION promotes this as season 4... it would be nice to actually have full 'cut-scene' interactive shows in-game.
    Just because SyFy is dumb does not mean TRION is dumb too. Many of the actors would be glad to do the voice over work, while your digital artists can create 13 episodes that everyone wants to buy as DLC. DEFIANCE left us alone wondering what happens to Nolan - DEFIANCE could pick up after he left. Irisa is still here and wow - how about a Huge DLC adding Defiance the town to Defiance the game as an MMO DLC - people can move in or build / buy / rent homes in the town of Defiance.

    I've asked and can't even get the cut scenes as is ler alone a mini series of sorts.

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    So, is this campaign replayable yet or what? And how do I get there? It's been years since I did this the first time around.

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