Okay, taking a deep breath, as if it isn't bad enough that thus fame crashes all the freaking time...half the time I can't get into my car because the prompt is there but the square isn't.. But mine 99 crashes at boss every flipping time!
Look, I'm aware that this is a free game. I sometimes enjoy it tremendously. However if you are going to publish anything and attatch a "store" to it then you do have a responsibility to fix outstanding issues. This crashing thing has complaints dating back to at least 2013. Is it a server issue? Change servers. I was looking at buying kits from the store, but why bother? I'm thinking maybe heading back to DC Universe might be the way to go.......stop introducing all this new (and potentially cool) stuff when your old (would be so cool) stuff doesn't work right. Oh also, the incinerator gun, glitches out so bad it so t even shoot....I've been using them for scrap.