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    well im kinda impresst of s4 mission last one was epic how ever i wonder where do i get tous shrilltec weapons? i did see one wearing shrilltec smg so where do we get tous weapons?
    i decided to tefresh my signature we have to walk along with time
    in game star : BLAMING TRION (nickname was changed i was CRIMEFIGHTER USER befre trion made mk2 patch sleep tight in grave cf ( it does not means i will not use it it means its imposible to farm cf ))
    clan name due to respect ( whats left of it ) to trion ill not post it in forum how ever if anyone dares to be brave to bring around our clan name we always culd use some fresh meat

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    too late mate, the shrill tech weaps came from a bitstore paid box that was gone before the last armistice started
    maybe if u ask in zone or post a thread in need/want u might be able to buy some

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