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    Bug on Season 2: Possession: Defiant Pursuit

    So this bug doesn't let you progress the game, i have tried several times, finished an event, broke sieges here, nothing works, the foreman will appear for about 1/2 of a second then disappear for good, I have searched everywhere and spammed "e" everywhere but nothing works, i just came back to the game and want to progress on.


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    faced with the same problem , this devil miner does not appear , or visible only for a few moments , I was due to this mission could not catch up to 6k and patch after patch it was not corrected

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    Yeah its awfully frustrating as i just want to progress in the game and i cant even do that. its a little bs.

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    Yeah I am having the same problem. I hope they fix it soon I need the ego

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    Same here. I sent a message to tech support about a month ago. Maybe it would get their attention if all of you did the same. Cannot progress on Season 2 until I get past this one...

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    same for me. I try disconnect, kill every thing arround. cancel mission disconnect and retry, but nothing !!!

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    Hi guys, so you don't actually need to be 4000 ego like some claim. After a few weeks it just worked for me after i tried some things. And im 3443 EGO. First, what I did is beat the Crystal Skies or springs, (whatever it is) "mini-mission" or whatever you want to call it. Its right around the corner from the mission circle for the foreman guy. Kill all the hostiles. And like others have said, if there is an arkfall AND/OR Incursion, beat those as well.Then if there is a Siege, beat that, is was for me. Stay the entire time, no matter how hard it may be. Finally, I had a duel with someone you was there with me at the Siege. It was right outside the circle. Don't know if it matters where it is, but yeah. Then I logged off, (right where the foreman guy was supposed to be), and got right back on. The guy was there and I finally completed my mission. Really hope that helps guys! Have fun

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    Can't complete it myself.

    I'm well over 5k ego and can't complete it, I'm in a dead clan so that's out of the question as well. Just came back after years away and it's sad to see the same types of problems are still here.

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    Season 2 mission bug

    The foreman appear when you are far but when you go near it will dissapear

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