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    Season 2: Aftermath: Until the Arks Rise

    I'm trying to finish "Season 2: Aftermath: Until the Arks Rise", but after breaking the siege and "Enter the ascension ark" is available I get to some place pointed by cursor where there is supposed to be some teleporting door, but there's nothing.
    Is it broke?, is it download content I need to buy?
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    Yea they need to fix this. Been stuck rite there for a week. Smh trion...

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    Thanks for telling!
    Will wait then.
    Character name: Wonkh.
    Clan: Supreme Hive.
    PlayStation 3 - NA.

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    I need to necro this. Just finished the mission, the blue door appeared by doing nothing.
    I finished that looong mission and after I got the pursuit and heard the speech, nothing else happened. I just ran around with nothing to get out of there.
    Had to log out to leave the place.
    Well, happy I finally finished it!, thanks Trion for the fix.
    Character name: Wonkh.
    Clan: Supreme Hive.
    PlayStation 3 - NA.

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    I'm still not seeing the blue door, so I guess it didn't get fixed for everyone yet...

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    Unfortunately, this is not fixed and has stopped many of us from completing pursuits and contracts as well as opening new game content. As usual, Trion would rather add new broken content to distract us from the old broken content they wont fix.

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    Still broken.... still stuck...gg please fix

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    Get a friend to duel you there , the door will appear , might take a few tries as the access sometimes blinks off while waiting for circle to finish
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    Season 2 aftermath until: the arks rise

    This mission is not working out but it was working fine yesterday night and today is not working. You need to fix this mission on the videogame. I did restart my season 2 to try to get my Eco up. Please fix the mission and thank you!

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    still bugged

    come on TRION get your finger out get this fixed

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