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Thread: Clan LAG

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    Clan LAG

    Clan LAG started May 17, 2016 by Jason and Rickey, CEO and Executive Director respectively. The Guild was founded on the goal of providing a safe and moderated place for gamers of all types to play. Defiance and Warframe became the flagship games supported by Clan LAG, but they were soon joined by Neverwinter and Firefall.Clan LAG wants to become the central hub for all gaming needs. Plans for a Youtube channel and ideas are in the works. The board of Directors are constantly trying to innovate the gaming scene. MMOs, FPS, MOBA, whatever your preference Clan LAG has a place for you! We are always looking for new faces. Find us on our Teamspeak server and join the fun!

    Teamspeak Server: teamspeak.clanlag.org
    Password: bnr1994

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    Hello, I was a long time BNR Firefall player. I had left before the migration to lag. I can't get this team speak to work with that password. I was hoping to join for Defiance and possibly catch up with some old friends. Jason should recognize the name EpicBlue. Please help. Been trying for an hour now.

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