Defiance: Midsummer Mutiny



Midsummer Mutiny is back, and Dark Matter has invaded the New Frontier again! Get the chance to obtain the new Malicious Mirage synergy and jackpots.

* Take on Darkmatter and their Bulwarks in Major Arkfalls during the Midsummer Mutiny Event. Stick around to the end of a Major Event and catch the fireworks show!
* Complete the unique pursuit "Rebellion in Paradise" to receive a unique epic Jackpot weapon (pictured below)!
* Get the all new Malicious Mirage synergy from minor and major Midsummer Mutiny arkfalls. Major arkfalls have a chance to drop a jackpot weapon!
* You might even get your own Firework Spike, or titles unique to this event, such as Sol Survivor, Zenith Crusader and Midsummer Knight (Patron only)
* Contribute to the fireworks show or start your own by acquiring your own novelty Firework Rocket Launcher, and collect all 8 in game colors from different Reputation Vendors around Paradise
* Complete your Tarr Family Daily and Weekly Contracts for a chance at the Malicious Mirage synergy and jackpots


* The new Synergy Lockbox, "Malicious Mirage Supply Crate" is now available on the Bit Store, for a limited time! It contains the brand new synergy Malicious Mirage, and contains 1 epic or better weapon and 3 mods from rare to legendary (at least 1 epic or better), all with the limited time Malicious Mirage mod synergy!

Malicious Mirage
[1] +15% Mag
[2] +10% Rate of Fire
[3] On dodge roll, spawn a decoy for 6s (Cooldown: 30s)
[4] On dodge roll, gain 50% damage and 30% movement speed for 6s (Cooldown: 30s)

* Included is the chance at one of the Malicious Mirage jackpot weapons:
- Freedom (Assault Rifle)
- Independence (Sniper Rifle)
- Courage (Pulser)
- Glory (Auto-Shotgun)
- Honor (Guided Launcher)
- Valor (Northstar Blaze)
- Pride (Auto Lobber)
- Virtue (Electric Charge Blade with red, white, and blue effects!)

Jackpots are shown below:


* Only available during the Midsummer Mutiny event! Get it now before it’s gone! This limited time pack will contain the following items:
- Legendary "Malicious Daisy Cutter" (new guided rocket launcher with splitting projectiles!)
- MR-KA "Loyalist" T.I.T.A.N. outfit with headgear
- Vehicle: Duni Shetarru Racer "Loyalist"
- Red-White-Blue Midsummer Firework Launcher
- Firework Spike x 30
- 30-day Patron Pass
- The "Frontier Loyalist" Title


A new vendor has appeared on the New Frontier! This vendor has some of the most powerful weapons and gear for the most loyal of Arkhunters!

* A new reputation has been added: "Loyalty"
* Patron players can complete a weekly contract, granting 3 loyalty reputation
* Patron players will also receive 1 loyalty in each Daily Login Reward box
* Loyalty can be used at the faction vendor in Last Chance and Alcatraz to purchase a wealth of items:
* Previous and current store lockboxes can be purchased with loyalty reputation
* Previous and current jackpots can be purchased with loyalty reputation
* All lockboxes and special bundles purchased from the Defiance store will contain loyalty as well!
* Loyalty gained from store purchases will go to your claim items



These weapon changes are retroactive:

* Increased base crit mult for Bolt Action Repeater and Sniper Rifle to 4
* Increased VBI Guided Launcher and variants base damage by 80%
* Increased Auto-Shotgun base damage by 65%


* Fixed an issue forcing the Echelon vendor to be turned off. It is back on now!
* Fixed an issue causing players to gain more EGO perk points than intended, causing the blinking reference to spend points
* Rigs can now appropriately be listed on the Exchange
* Fixed an issue with an odd icon appearing on the minimap
* The reputation pursuits for season 4 have been changed to simply require the max rank to unlock. This will unlock retroactively for any player currently at the maximum rank for each reputation
* Fixed the missing keycode cost for the Elite Mod Hoard on the Tarr family reputation vendor