This server issues we are having gets worse everyday. Its hard enough to get into the game and deal with the crits every few minutes, but now its to the point where its not worth even trying at all...

I did a few daily contracts, got the completion screen with the keys/forge/rep etc listed, hit close to exit the screen, and crit within seconds. Upon returning to the game (usually 10~15mins later because you have to go through the timing out error 3 or 4 time before it will let you back in) the conflict site is still lit and all rewards rep have reverted or rolled back. Its as if you were never there...grrrr

Dont get me started on the crits from incursions and major Arkfalls...they like to crit everyone out with no chance of getting back in game in time to get rewards. The spawn rate is horribly low, and critting out of half of them has me about to lose my cool.

NA servers has something seriously wrong with them, because I have zero issues logging onto the EU servers. Logs in fast, can jump to friends quickly, changing toons is a breeze, and can jump from major to major for hours without a crit.