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    Midsummer Mutiny taking Sunday off?

    What is the deal here? Not 1 single major event pop up since the daily reset. I've barely seen any minors pop up.

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    I was on a few hours ago (PC NA), and did 1 major and 1 minor, but they did seem less frequent than usual.

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    There were at least five during my brief time on PC NA, but that's thanks to a great clan and shard jumping.

    On Xbox 360 NA there have been none. I'm in a personal test clan so no jumping. Only one crit, eight hours, no MM Majors.

    As I've said elsewhere, this is a DAILY CONTRACT, they should be force spawned EVERY HOUR on EVERY shard so all players get a chance regardless of how much time they have (or want) to play.

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    Yeah, I'm on Xbox NA and have not had any majors at all pop up today since the reset. This has got to be the worst event I've played since I started.

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    Wow, 7 and a half hours after reset we get our first major of the day!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richi View Post
    Wow, 7 and a half hours after reset we get our first major of the day!
    There was a post of some emergency downtime post earlier today but no notice here on the forums. That may be why. But I have not been online almost all day so I can nither confirm or deny this. People in the Xbox Na zone might be able to confirm if there was the pop up at some point today. I'm sure dat boi or Cygnus might be able to confirm this also

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    Nah, I was on all day mystick, no downtime. They did do 2 quick restarts that only booted us out for a few minutes each time.

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    I am on PS3 EU and on Saturday I was online for 12 hours with a friend covering another shard and still only did about 6 majors. With a couple that happened within the same half hour.

    They did seem to have fixed the spawn rate last week but we seem to be getting an abundance of hellbug arkfalls with minors only spawning in SV again.

    So they fixed it, then broke it! They knew it was broken last weekend hence their extending the event till the 25th, with no admittance of their mistake.

    Now it is a second weekend of no majors, what are they going to do.....nothing of course because we are ****ako (dog poop) on the bottom of their shoes.

    Still an unhappy customer Trion, stop breaking the spawn rate and having the weekend off.

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    I never see majors when i play. Seems like they shut them off at night after the restart and i play 2-4 hrs. 1 may kick off right before i log out and i actually get to it.......i just pray to rng-sus that i get something good....rngsus i <3 you!

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    I play on both game consoles. After daily reset I was on xbox for 6 hours and never saw a major. I kept switching back and forth. There seemed to be the normal amount on ps3. My Xbox clan is fairly large and active. We could not find one on any phase.

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