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    Best Defiance moment.

    As for mine I was doing a side mission and I had to activate some turrets. I didn't expect there to be so many raiders. Then hellbugs so up. About 100 of them. Then a monarch shows up while they're fighting each other. Then a super mutant behemoth guy (forgot his name) shows up and fights the monarch. Killed them all of course, but not until after watching them fight a bit. That was either the craziest side mission in history or a really lucky random thing that happaned. I'd love to get something like that to happen again. beats me how I could manage that though.

    Oh, and of course fighting Dark Matter in at the near and at the end of season 1. Love fighting those guys. That one's obvious though.

    So what's your best Defiance moment? What made you stop and go "Woah, this was epic and unlikely but it happened"?

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    I just had a fun experience a few nights back.
    I was running with some friends hunting down mm majors. We jumped to where an mm was at the final stage. Apparently the few people who were shooting guns all got disconnected at the same time resulting in the mass extinction of the 100 or so bmg healers. When we arrived, there were 40 to 50 bulwarks and an army of Dark matter facing two of us. There were more purple crosses than we could count. We were able to shoot down a lot of the bulwarks and many of the shooters were able to get back to the arkfall in time to finish it.

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    Best moment? Disconnecting I think.

    Made by Tauriiel. ^ Cause she's freaking awesome. Duh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taramafor View Post
    That was either the craziest side mission in history or a really lucky random thing that happaned. I'd love to get something like that to happen again. beats me how I could manage that though.
    Ah, Mission Line 30, Side Mission Project Aegis, Part 1, in Sausalito, one of my favorites! What you got was the normal on that one. In the "old days" sometimes you got screwed because packs of players would stalk the Hulker in the area and when you did the mission his timer hadn't reset botching the finale.

    To recreate something similar you need to find a Wandering Hulker emergency that is near at least one other emergency to draw him or the baddies in that to each other. If you're lucky you'll find him on the farm lands where there could be two or three other emergencies close enough to really ramp up the shenanigans.

    As for my best moment, I'll have to think about that.

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    I had an aha moment last night standing around the Bloodbath vendor watching a great sunset and mulit-colored sky. It dawned on me, again, the care, creativity and detail that was put into this game at one time. And it reminded me about how much I used to love this game for those details and what a great game Defiance used to be. Then I thought about the grief of the last month with all the disconnects and problems trying to log in -- problems that obviously and in retrospect could have been fixed in a reasonable time if someone on the dev side still cared about this game. Then I started thinking about what a really terrible event this MM has been in terms of rewards and fun and creativity.Then I logged out and went to bed.
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    I have tons of memorable moments and this week's the lose of a terrific community manager.
    I think the best moment I had recently was a gif hug I got when I was feeling rather down.


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    The first Defiance Extra Life event that I participated in was one of my "best moments".

    My how things have.. changed.. since then.

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