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    Rep lvls and the jackpots

    Ok, so I've asked some players, but I've yet to get answer.
    1: how do I level up my rep? Is it simply maxing out the rep bar, or is it from the amount of contracts you do?
    2: when are the faction jackpots changing, or are they even changing? I want a sumi jackpot for 7th legion. Lol

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    Keep doing the faction missions even if you are at max. They will still count toward your lifetime faction, however when it finally levels up you will not get those points back. E.g when you lvl up to 1500 you will only have 1400 pts.
    Don't know when the jp is changing.

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    Thanks guys, and bummer. Can't decide if I want to spend or save my 7th rep.

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    The bop gun is pretty good sold it to kristov
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    I agree, the bop gun is a solid shotgun. Has a really good fire rate for a pump. The contender is great but it needs a control burst to make it the most effective. Not sure if controlled burst mags used to drop from top notch boxes but with the new crates it's impossible to get T2 mods and I haven't been able to find one on the forums or in zone. These faction jackpots are still new. I suspect they will be around for a long while.

    Now, if we could just get some new paradise and chimera weapons and up the ego to 6000. It's a real pain to have to spend 250 forge to raise the ego to 6000..time for a change.

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