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Thread: Bye o/

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    Bye o/

    The time has come. I go to Basic Military Training for the Airforce and my technical training over the next 4+ months starting monday/tuesday. As such, I will obviously be absent from the game. I may or may not return. We'll see. If you see me in game over the next few days, its wont be for long at all. See you guys later, goodluck with your rewards and events. If im lucky i'll be back in time for christmas


    For those of you that don't know what BMT entails, this should help: https://www.airforce.com/education/m...y-training/bmt

    Edit: Thank you all for the well wishes and support, I really appreciate it

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    Be safe. Thank you for your service.
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    Good luck, and keep your head down.

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    Be safe and stay hydrated, the heat some places is deadly right now.

    Thank you for your service!

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    watch your six

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    Thank you for your service, best wishes!

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    You did not say which branch you are going into so I'll keep it simple. Don't try to suck up to your commanding officer in basic(they hate that) Do your duty and learn as much as you can! Thank you for your service.. so few of us volunteer... Good luck!

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    We'll keep your spot warm for you at the cat house!
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    Take care Kitz thank you for your service. Will miss the wheelings and dealings with you in Defiance. You are like Crapgame from Kelly's Heroes. If you don't know it give it a look it is a classic.


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    Good luck with your training.. and thanks for your service!

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