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    stuck mission "SEASON 2:POSSESSION:DEFIANT PURSUIT"-"Speak to the foreman"

    Hi, i am not able to finish the main mission "Season 2:Possession: Defiant Pursuit" , i need to speak to the foreman but i can't because he is vanishing.
    I search and read from forums.defiance.com, and I keep the mission on that step then submit a request.
    My character's name is "star clare".
    Thanks for helping me

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    Did anyone help you? A few days on and there is nothing about this mission. Shame the devs won't fix this since it is a pursuit.
    Read in another forum that you can duel someone when there is no event and it might make the npc appear.
    IGN: Cornelius Jones

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    Hey I had the same prob lol you have to have 4000 ego for her to appear

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    I have the exact same problem

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    Same problem here. EGO doesn't seem to affect it: Mine's around 5400.

    I can even see the foreman and her guard when I move far enough from them, but when I get closer, they both disappear. This is a bug that stops story progression, so you'd think it would have pretty high priority for fixing, but looks like not.

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