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    Quote Originally Posted by konstantinov View Post
    I'm pretty sure it's not against the rules to laugh at other things people say. Remember, you said it not me.
    I'm pretty sure I saw you drag him over behind a tree and twist his arm up behind his back.

    Yeah I'm sure of it.

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    the purpouse of the post is to ask for help in the community to complete some pursuits... replies that only purpouse is to make fun do not contribute in any way.

    having said that, i am still looking for more people to help me with these pursuits. Clan pursuits would be the hardest one, as it takes to coordinate with lot of people. Hard enough has been to coordinate 3 other players, 15 will take a lot of patience.

    If anyone is interested in helping, let me know. If any clan is interested even better.

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    Completed Gunslinger pursuits a few weeks ago, still looking for people to either join a clan or to be invited by a clan willing to coordinate to go for this pursuits pending...

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    looking for few more players to get 15 other members to work on those 2 Social pursuits. If any ego level player wants to help or get these pursuits done, let me know or add me on PS3.

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    these 2 pursuits are taking a long time to complete... also looking for people to work on expeditions fast (other than hellbug hunt)

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