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    Dark L3gion recruiting.

    Dark L3gion is looking for a few good arkhunters.
    Our clan has been around since day one.
    Max rank 3600.
    Looking for active arkhunters any ego.

    Look for Kristovo or No Slack Sniper on xbox 360 if you are interested.

    Johnny Gatt Ps3 NA Ego 6000 Clan Defiance Terminators
    Howie Felt 360 NA Ego 6000 Clan Legendary Guns
    Howie Felter Ps3 NA Ego 6000 Clan Defiance Most Hated
    No Slack 360 NA Ego 6000 Clan Legendary Guns-Inventory vendored. Toon retired.
    Molly Bushwhacker Ps3 Ego 6000 Clan Members Only- Inventory vendored. Toon retired

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    I am a sniper and interested in joining if you are still looking. I am 40 yrs old and just started playing this past week.

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    You may want to remove the email or your going to get a lot of junk mail.

    That said this is a good clan to make a home in.

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