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    Limited return of Exchange

    Would it be possible to bring back the exchange in a limited form, say mods only??
    This has been discussed by many players in zone and would be very popular. This is the feature of the exchange that everyone misses the most.

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    Yes please.

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    I think they should find a unexploitable way to bring that functionality back. For everything, not just mods or just shields or just anything.

    We can trade with eachother all day long and items nor scrip ever get duped. Why exactly would it be so hard to come up with an intermediary to facilitate those trades that doesn't bring about exploitable things which resulted in many duped items and duped scrip (which judging by prices people want for things on x360... that scrip is still floating around en-mass.)

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    With the prices for some guns nowadays it wouldn't be a great idea to bring it back for them but for mods yes I agree. Also they need a confirmation button this time for when buying something.

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