1. Matches should only need 2 players to start it....2 validates the 'co' aspect while not needing to wait 40 mins.

2. Group members should be displayed while the game is searching for members. If we could communicate with potential group members, we could ask each other to look for friends or clan members to help start a match or compare setups.

3. List players/groups looking for matches, based on maps...like an inventory screen that is accessed from the matchmaking screen. Then we could join up on particular maps or whatever is convenient at the time.

If any of these ideas get put in the game, waiting would be drastically reduced for starting a co-op match.
Currently I'm trying to build a network of players that do co-op regularly on the 360 as a workaround.
Anybody got any ideas to make it easier to start a match, feel free to add something.