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    Quote Originally Posted by Moag View Post
    Did we ever figure out what that "Purchase Complete" message was for?
    It may of been to signify that you were getting a 2nd role of the dice as a patron pass holder but they couldn't code it properly and it pops up for everyone and everything.

    Who knows so we're left to wonder and make up our own stories which most of the time seems more plausible if not strictly true.

    It's a shame that all this detracts from the game, if they went back to the transparency days instead of hiding stuff in the background everyone would be happier.

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    I totally agree with you, especially on the last paragraph. They've gone back to the old ways of of not really giving us any answers or just completely ignoring us all together. Don't even get me going on CS. I do realize they are understaffed and over worked. I think they just need to be open and honest (well as much as they can be) with the players here.

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