Defiance: Neo Votanis Freebooters

A new event has been added! The Shrill and NVF are invading paradise! Participate in Minor and Major arkfalls to destroy them all. Get the new Nano Volatility Force synergy!

The Weekly reward for this event has also been changed. It will now reward a guaranteed Legendary NVF weapon and an epic mod with the chance to be legendary.

A new pursuit has been added called "Boot the Freebooters". Complete this pursuit during the Neo Votanis Freebooters event to receive a special reward: The "Time Piercer" Mazu Blast Rifle.

5 new helmets have been added to the Patron loot tables for Neo Votanis Freebooters arkfalls! Patrons will be able to collect all 5!

* Incendiary Volatility Force Ranger
* Electric Volatility Force Ranger
* Radiation Volatility Force Ranger
* Syphon Volatility Force Ranger
* Biological Volatility Force Ranger

A new system has been added for patron players called "Paradise Karma". This system adds an additional jackpot roll chance when purchasing a synergy box or completing a major arkfall. The chance to obtain a jackpot INCREASES the more boxes you open or major arkfalls you complete. Play more, earn more!

In addition, the following patron bonuses have been increases:

* Arkforge Gain: 100% (up from 10%)
* Experience Gain: 100% (up from 20%)
* Skill Gain: 100% (up from 20%)
* Reputation Gain: 25% (up from 20%)
* Ark Salvage Gain: 25% (up from 20%)
* Scrip Gain: 25% (up from 20%)
* Score Gain: 25% (up from 10%)
* Ammo/Spike/Stim/Grenade Gain: 50% (up from 20%)

The Syphon nano has been adjusted/redesigned:
Added an additional HoT/DoT effect to the regular Syphon Proc effect
Ticks every .25s for 5s, healing the player after the initial heal
Additionally, applies 15% health/shield/plate damage for all damage types
Additionally, applies 5% armor penetration for all damage types
Syphon now applies the trigger reduction all other nanos have, which will prevent syphon from triggering for 15s

Nano Volatility Force
[1] Being hit by an opponent increases your movement speed by 30% for 3 seconds. (Cooldown: 10s)
[2] +15% Nano-Effect Chance
[3] +15% Damage for 5s after damaging a nano-effected enemy (Cooldown: 5s)
[4] Chance on hit to apply a random nano-effect

New Weapon Base: Bombardier SMG - Automatic weapon that shoots miniature dumb fire rockets

Included weapon types: Bombardier SMG(NEW), Assault Rifle, Big Boomer, SAW, HP-6 Wolfhound, Short-Barrel Shotgun, PSR-7 Cyclone

Chance at one of 8 all new jackpots (one special charge AXE):

ALL NVF manufactured weapons (dropping from both the event and lock boxes) will have an additional 5% nano restistance! This is in addition to all synergy and bonuses.

* This limited time pack will contain the following items:
- Legendary NVF Mass Lobber weapon (NEW!)
- "Plaguesmith Outfit" Outfit
- "Plague Doctor Mask" Headgear
- TMW Hannibal 800R "Black Death" vehicle
- "Black Death" Title

The total and incremental Arkforge costs to upgrade an item to surpeme has been lowered by 15%.

These weapon changes are retroactive:

50% damage increase to all sawed off shotguns
Removed screen shake from bloodhound MK1 weapon base