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I don't agree with removing rigs from pvp. But I was thinking if devs played against eletrocutioner users.

When you get hit, there is a 3 seconds HUD out, and a cooldown of 6 seconds. A normal human takes at least 0.5 seconds to find the target again, 0.5 seconds for the scope activation, plus 0.5 to aim (a good one). That gives 1.5 seconds of trading shoots (2 shoots with a sniper with a high fire rate). Than you have to take cover again for more 3 seconds and repeat. And for people that is not REALLY fast, they have 1 shoot between the HUD offs.
It makes snipers trades, that uses to be fun, long and boring imho

I can make a video to show this.

Edit: oh, and I forgot, my point is: give us only ONE more second of cooldown, so we can have a 2.5 seconds window for trades (4 shoots). I think it's fair =p
Not only the sniper but any weapon, also not the hud is the problem but the highest dmg bonus in that rig make any weapon devastive and no any sentinel full t6 diffuser can help, this is the problem of rigs they are make the unbalance play giving the high end players all kill and no skill in pvp, yes no any skill in pvp with rigs