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    Can someone explain about the scoring

    When you finish a major or an incursion like bath-house the scoring page at the end shows your score it is always different to the xp earned.

    However if you push the continue button to see alist of players and their scores there is always a difference between what is show on your score page and your score that is shown in the list.

    I have been playing for 3 years and it never really bothered me before but lately the gap seems to be getting wider.

    I mean when you get an end score of 160k showing on the score page and it shows as 130k on the list page it seems a bit strange.

    There is no + sign to indicate use of ego power or division showing assists or support as their are on other scores pages.

    So I am curious as to why the gap is getting wider.
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    Didn't some of the Patron Pass boosts get buffed along with the ammo and ark forge buffs?

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    I think this is how it works, I could be totally wrong though..

    It shows you your real score with the patron pass boost first, then it shows you with everyone else without the patron pass score, just has a + at the end of your score line. But it still puts you in position of your real score with your patron pass boost. kinda why you can have a lower score than someone and can still rank higher than them. And I believe nobody else can see your real score with the boost but you on that first screen.

    And they did boost the patron pass rewards recently which would make the gap larger than previous.
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