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    HH weekly reward

    So I know during the last event when you completed tour weekly pursuit you would get a guaranteed oj weapon. Is that not the case for this event? I pulled a wonderful purple shotty with no nano and a blue sniper mag. I'm not opposed to getting a no nano oj but to grind away for a purple item at best isnt worth the time spent chasing arkfalls.

    Also I remeber a hotfix going out that corrected an issue with too many det mods dropping. About 80% of the mods I have gotten are blue infector and sniper mods. Compared to the 11 ar,smg,lmg mods i have gotten (only 1 t4 mod) it seems extremely inbalanced on the drop rate. I refuse to pay high prices for a t4 ar mod just to equip the guns that I have. Whether it be from arkfall drops or bit crates the amount of mods dropping for certain guns is confusing to say the least.

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    I know several ppl that were getting T4 weapons last event for weekly's, sure it will happen again this event. There does seem to be a mod imbalance the last few events, NVF was the worst I have ever seen. It's really putting the auto mods price thru the roof, and than there seems to be a shortage than. I do believe this needs to be addressed even though they keep telling us everything is as it should be.

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