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    Looking For Clan

    Hey all!
    New Defiance player here looking for a Casual Clan/Guild to join. Just looking for a group of people that I can play together with on the occasion. Will participate in events as they are planned and am a very active player. My name in game is moosifer. Shoot me a pm or write back on here some info about your guild or if you have a website, link it. Looking forward to joining your ranks!

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    Hiya Arcticmoose,

    My name is Zhennu and I am a member of the Royal Black Watch. We are a multi Gaming Guild and we are one of the oldest Guilds to date. We are small to many that our out their but that's because we are a Casual Guild who likes to do a lot when we are in game. We are not just Raiders, PvPers, or Crafters, we are all. if you want to check us out please visit us at royalblackwatch.net and if you want to talk with us our TeamSpeak info is: Address: Password: bellum

    I hope to talk with you soon!


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