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    We need lockboxes at a Paradise Vendor

    Come on man , 1100 rep to spend on nothing ... even if I used all my cores , I'd have 1040 rep to spend ... is this ever going to get lockboxes like Tarr ...
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    I agree with this.

    Whe need lockboxes like tarr.

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    ive got 1500 rep with paradise, they need lockboxes.

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    First and foremost, Trion need to revamp or remove all the crap in the Paradise/Chimera Vendors and give us new stuff. Then add a Lockbox.

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    Im with you, at the moment are the paradise-scrips absolut useless...
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    they had boxes really trashy ones tho

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    Trion dont give a dam about the paid dlc content in the game once they have your $... because they cant make extra $ from it

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