• The Jackpot Chip and Rig in the Cyber Rig Supply Crate have been changed!
  • The new Cyber Rig Lockbox, " Cleaving Corrosion Cyber Rig Supply Crate" is now available on the Bit Store for a limited time!
  • It contains 1 epic or better Overclocked Cyber Rig, 1 Epic+ Cyber Chip, 2 Rare+ Cyber Chips and is guaranteed to have a Premium Currency reward (Arkforge, Hunter Requisitions, Chip Pullers, or Ark Keys).
  • It also has a rare chance to win the jackpot Sunderer keystone Cyber Chip or Cleaving Corrosion Cyber Rig!

Cleaving Corrosion Cyber Rig:
  1. [70] +10% Armor Plate damage
  2. [120] On enemy armor break, +25% Armor Plate Damage for 5 seconds.
  3. [170] On enemy armor break, gain 3 ablative armor for 10 seconds. (15s cooldown)
  4. [220] On enemy armor break, chance to reset EGO Power, grenade, spike, and stim cooldowns (30s Cooldown)

Sunderer Keystone:
  • +15% Armor Plate Damage

  • The Individual DLC and Season pass have been removed from the Defiance/Xbox/PSN stores
  • They have been replaced with the new Gold Edition, which includes the following:
  • All 5 DLCs
  • A platform specific TMW Hannibal 800R vehicle
  • 35 Inventory Slots
  • +3 Loadout Slot
  • +25 Ark Key Expansion
All items apply to all characters.