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    My favorite moment was when i met my clanmates and we created our clan. We all had a disagreement with our previous clan's founder/leader so we started our own clan. Its still not big but were a family we always have fun doing events and expos n stuff. Lmao the other day when i was in a coop i used my decoy, there was a lag spike and i went flying through the ground and my buddy just plainly said, "well, guess we need a new leader." Lmfao good times

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    Hiding under my office chair from the terrifying Ark-hunters!
    Ran into a random guy few weeks ago who's Xbox GT was not only Salem, but also his real life name..
    I'm in a clan I founded as Salem's Witches, also with my character's name set as Salem, even though that's not my real name.
    And here I am standing across from this guy, feeling awkward..
    And he wasn't even in the clan named after him haha.

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    I think my favorite game play moment was f0llowing around a good chunk of my clan friends at bath house with a BMG in order to get to level 20 with it, which was also the last 4 EGO I needed to reach 6k. Initially there was a bit of grumbling about it when they saw I reached level 20, but it was quickly changed to cheer when they realized that it gave me max EGO.

    But my favorite thing over all has been watching the evolution in generosity within my clan. Used to be that there was a clan discount on items being traded or sold. But that seems to have died away and now mods and weapons are being given freely to those who can use them. This also extends to JP's I've seen more than one person give a clannie a JP just because they were looking for one. Also the generosity in for our giveaways is sometimes staggering, whether its a server wide giveaway or just in clan people are giving more and of better quality, it is no longer a surprise to see an Until Death or Zepar that has been donated to the cause.

    As for the devs, I know we give them a lot of flak for the issues in the game but I think that they do try to use our input when it is feasible. From Rashere taking weapon suggestions for Solstice strike last year, Rarnok working with people in PTS to try and level the playing field in PvP, Kiwi trying to resolve issues within the forums or to biological high cap mags dropping during the current. event. I believe that we are being heard, even if there appears to be a lack of action.

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    My favorite thing was killing Rarnok on the test server. I loved helping with the testing, and feeling like I was contributing to the game. A big THANKS! to the devs and support staff at Trion.
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    My Favorite Moment

    Well my favorite moment is quite simple really but very special to me i have been playing this game been on and off and one day when i was on Altra posted free give always just come find him so i ventured to finding him with my pumpkin head on and i got to OJ's free ^_^ as if that was't enough he then invited me into his clan which know now to be Family everyone welcomed me so warmly showed me the ropes and I'm still learning But I'm totally better of from where I was to where i am now....... Indeed that a moment to give thanks for...... ^_^

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    My favourite moment was downloading this game for the first time. If not for that, I'd never have met so many wonderful people with a common interest in gaming. Despite ups and downs, I owe it to my friends and clanmates for keeping this game alive for me. Thanks guys, for all the company you've kept me; you're the bees knees.
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    There's no one thing that I can name but I did enjoy the Dawn Patrol Death Marches, I was for the most part tail end Charlie, bringing up the rear and herding the strays in the right direction.
    I'm not allowed to recall my favourite instance from one of these but the community events are what used to make Defiance a fun place for me.

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    Meeting random Samaritans

    Hi, everyone.
    Just started playing a year ago, when i was a low ego there was a player that gave me 100k script and just walk away, when i was E.lvl 1k that was nice! i was like wow,TY santa. I did that when I have script, that was fun.
    Then my clan took me to expo on a high tier, the week after (tier 55 i think) I was like "ooh mercy. you guys are a riot. reallyy funny." LMAO. cause I keep dying but they kept reviving me but at the end i got a OJ cyber rig. how cool was that? did that to my junior guys for fun now, when i was finally able to...not die constantly. lol
    My friend keep showing me 10 jp during the Armitrice. so when I got my UD I showed it to him too. he's reaction was priceless. lol. but mine was nerf so baad like every time i get to 2325 x3 dmg. like 5x, it got nerf down 5x, (yeah trion! your a wanker) but I kept it to this day.
    Then I i pulled 3 aza, gave 1 to my friend cause he was soo bummed out not getting 1, b4 he lost a loved one. sooo bummer. :( he doesn't play as much.
    and lately the game improved, so thanks for doing that change.
    But Hey, keep the good not the bad, right?

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    My favorite moments.
    It was the first week of New Frontier Harvest where the server would reboot in 5 minutes and appeared a Major.
    And I called everyone in the Zone to come and help and I've never seen so many players put together to close with the golden key, it was the best moment I saw in the game where everyone gathered and thanked each other.
    It was epic and I will never forget
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    Best moment, was finding you guys and enjoying each day of playing defiance. Thanks for the memories and future ones to come!

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