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    ThanksGiveaway 2016 (All Platforms)

    Time to cherish the moments and memories we are thankful for in Defiance!

    And get some sweet swag for being nice!

    Post your favorite experience/memory/moment you've had in-game followed by a brief thank you to the people behind the scenes of Defiance!

    Your awesome kindness posted in this thread enters you into a raffle for:

    Grand Prize: Torc or Treat Bundle

    Runner Ups(3): APS Carrier Outfit and Blue Challenger-Red Stripe

    And yes, this is for all platforms! Goodluck to all who enter, I'm looking forward to reading your best moments!

    Raffle entry closes November 30th!

    ThanksGiveaway Winners!

    Torc Bundle Grandprize Winner!
    Quote Originally Posted by Cygnus View Post
    My funniest memory was when a friend teleported to me wearing the tinfoil hat with the ark prefitor outfit. I couldnt stop laughing, everytime I saw him I would laugh so hard I could bearly breathe. Im greatful for all the funny, witty, tongue n cheek humer put into defiance. Thank you for creating this place. Ive had great times with people from all over the world in defiance.

    APS Carrier Outfit+Blue Challenger/Red Stripe Winners

    Quote Originally Posted by WhiteStrike View Post
    Can't say it's my favourite memory but a moment I can remember is when me and a group of friends decoyed into the Strato Carrier near the E-Rep camp and ended up getting a bit stuck in there. We spent a few hours going through a Maze of invisible walls.And even managed to find some sort of platform there.
    Also, thanks for working on PvP for a few months, Rarnok.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tauriiel View Post
    My favourite moment was downloading this game for the first time. If not for that, I'd never have met so many wonderful people with a common interest in gaming. Despite ups and downs, I owe it to my friends and clanmates for keeping this game alive for me. Thanks guys, for all the company you've kept me; you're the bees knees.
    Quote Originally Posted by shane_dalvin View Post
    I have probably been playing Defiance for about 5 or 6 months now. I'll start off with saying that I'm a single player story mode kind of gamer. I have never liked or enjoyed any online only multiplayer games, or any multiplayer game modes in general, but for some reason I LOVE THIS GAME! I first discovered it on the playstation store as a free to play game. I was bored so I figured why not? My expectations were low and I figured it would be one of those throw-a-way games that might be alright for a day or two. I was dead wrong. I feel like I have put at least 350 hours into it so far, maybe more. Even after the first week I thought I would get sick of it and move on to something else, but nope. I never even planed on spending any actual money on it, but it was just so good that I wanted to support it for all the hours of fun it gave me so I spent the last $5 I had on upgrading my key count. I've been out of work for almost two years now but I'm finally starting a new job next week and I'm hoping this game isn't going away anytime soon because I plan on at least getting some of the DLC that I've been wanting for awhile now. That's all I gotta say. It's 3:37AM on Thanksgiving day. Thank you for creating and keeping this awesome game going. I'm still learning new things every day that I didn't know.

    Thank you everyone for sharing your defiance memories!
    There's a lot of great reads on here, hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

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    Kinda cheesy but my favorite thing lately has been pulling a jackpot and giving it to a buddy in group with me or a clannie who wants it...
    So many cool people have looked out for me that it's only fair to pay it forward.
    Other than that my homies. Y'all white chocolate loving fools know who you are!!!
    Sometimes you just have to kill everyone son...
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    My favourite memory is:

    Almost a year ago,there was a new player in my ex clan,he was just 100 or 200 ego,around of it,he started playing when the current event was New Frontier Harvest,man that dude made us laugh the entire event...it started when he said a day in clan chat "stupid turkeys piece of ****,I cannot even play,they kill me all the time" hahahaha he was the only one dying in the whole server because of the turkey´s attack at overpass XD
    But it did not ended there, he was saying in clan chat everytime "ahhhhhh revive meeeeee" hahaha because the mutants was killing him too fast on every major arkfall.He made us laugh the whole event,I revived him like 100 times.Since them we called him "Krilin" .I have a lot of good memories having fun with clanmates,but that dude saying these things in clan chat was the funniest thing ever.Months after that, he became a great pvper,now he is retired,but his newbie days were great days haha

    post data: thanks for the giveaway
    Danchou - mdarkraciel

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    One of my fondest defiance memories was playing pvp (and kicking aśś) on christmas eve with a good buddy i hadn't seen in a while.

    Also thanks to you all for this giveaway

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    my favourite moment was when I gave away a JP to a low ego in the clan I was in at the time because he was having troubles with his missions and he told that I was his best friend.

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    Had lots of funny and fond moments ... having Kiwi Bird join our clan was pretty darn cool ... we miss you kiwi
    PSN : bucketmouthjohn

    CLAN : Insomniac Hunters

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    I'm thankful for the awesome clan that i've had the honor of grinding everyday with for almost 2 years now. Bunch of great folks in DT. Also all the great friends i have made along the way. Without DT or the awesome friends i've made, i probably wouldn't have lasted as long as i have in this game. So too all you awesome clannies and the great folks that make up my friends list, Thank You.
    Clan: Arkbreaker Crew
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    My best moment was i helped my buddy dave/trish with his family problems and i spent my christmas day with him grinding expos and loosing all 752 hunter reqs i had. Thanks

    By the awsome Tauriiel
    Psn : Ccdaver
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    (I am an idiot)

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    I am Thankful for the generosity and friendships of players when I began and as I have continued to play including

    Lateralus, Ironclad Trash (I still had that FRC Boomer you gave me until very recently), LoveSquid, Arkist-Guardian, MrE, some old school 5kGoing'ers including Medinos, WESPCS, Hinson, and Biowulf, and more recent Cabbage (and wife), S1ck, JR, Avalanch, IrisaWifi, Rhettro, as well as so many in my current clan Xellia, Altras included as well as many more who I cannot remember off the top of my head but have been influential in my gaming experience. I have been very lucky to have support as I was going through crazy IRL work travel schedules as well as celebrating the birth of my first son and got to share a small glimpse of my life with you crazy Ark Hunters while we slaughtered countless hell bugs.

    Good luck, god speed, and Happy Hunting.

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    My best moments was able to supreme aleast 7 weapons with 5%. Then making pistol or white gear fun in PvP with out going all out with normal supreme gear. Also collecting all the Sword names but missing the omec rod... Anyway the next beat moment was seeing someone who had been offline for a long time and play PvP and goofy match.

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