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    Xbox EU connection's.

    Trying to organise something here to help us maximise the amount of event arkfalls we can attend.

    What I'm asking for is the gt of clan founders or leader/officers that spend a fair amount of time in game during the events and don't mind accepting a friend request from a member or two from other clans so we can form a network.

    Leave the drama for chat as at the end of the day we all want the same thing and that's rewards.

    So if you're on the Xbox eu and want to sign up for this leave your gt and clan name below.
    I will add it here to the op for ease of finding a contact.

    Thank you.

    Clan GT

    Nuclear Elite / x Bentu x

    Omega Prime/Omega Maximus

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    Hey Bentu! My friends list is full most all the time, but I will find a place for you:

    Omega Prime / Omega Maximus

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