Solstice Strike is back! Fight the Volge in major and minor arkfalls. Get the new Hibernal Barrage synergy! The Abominable Warmaster also awaits Arkhunters at Major arkfall impact sites.

Finish the daily and weekly contracts to get your weekly reward. The reward will contain a guaranteed Legendary Hibernal weapon and an epic mod with the chance to be legendary (chance at a jackpot weapon).

A new pursuit has been added called "Cold White Silence". Complete this pursuit during the Solstice Strike event to receive a special jackpot reward: The jackpot "Rudolph" Auto Lobber and the titles "Jack Frost" and "Ice Queen".


4 New explosive weapon bases have been added for the Hibernal Barrage synergy:

Plasma Battery - LMG that fires plasma charges which explode on impact.
Plasma Bolter - Sniper Rifle that fires a high speed plasma charge which explodes on impact. Charging the weapon increases the damage dealt.
Plasma Blaster - Fires a high speed plasma charge which explodes on impact
Plasma Burst Rifle - Automatic assault rifle that fires 3 round bursts of plasma charges which explode on impact.


Hibernal Barrage
[1] Reduce the range at which explosives hit you by 25%
[2] -15% Reload
[3] +10% Damage
[4] On Full Reload or Explosive Kill, +45% Movespeed and 10% Life and Shield Steal for 5s (Cooldown: 10s)

Included weapon types: Plasma Battery, Plasma Bolter, Plasma Blaster, Plasma Burst Rifle, Big Boomer, CS-X Cluster Shot, Guided Launcher

Chance at one of 8 all new jackpots (one special charge blade):

ALL Hibernal manufactured weapons (dropping from both the event and lock boxes) will have an additional effect: +30% Full Damage Radius! This is in addition to all synergy and bonuses.


Frostbringer Pack:
  • RM Renegade “Frostbringer” Van – Show your Solstice pride by rocking the Abominable Warmaster on the side of this brand new vehicle
  • Legendary Naughty – A Snowman launching Daisy Cutter that spawns tracking snowballs
  • Legendary Nice – A Gift bombarding Ground Pounder
  • “Frostbringer” Title

  • CS-X Cluster Shot base damage increased by 25%