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    Stop making weapons that splash.

    Splash from weapons causes mobs to go invisible and make players crit more often. So stop making new weapons that splash. We (players) have enough issues to deal with in-game. The other day I was farming event majors and I got an oj lmg (like a faster volge battle rifle) and after playing with it for 1 major I critted. I ran a bunch and did dailies and other stuff before that without issue.
    I was very disappointed the rudolph splashes....so I'm not grinding for one. I'm also disappointed that we're getting DF rep for this event. DF guns are annoying as heck. Unless we can buy jp's with DF rep again this year, this event was a waste for me. I bought cars I rarely drive and clothes I never wear to get the DF goal done. Devs need to make a settings option for hiding the splash....like 'display weapon animations' or fix the splash bug.
    D13 console players should switch to pc.

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    crits really have nothing to do with what weapons are being used. You can run around with whatever weapons you think are least likely to cause a crit and you'll still crit.

    & there are times crits happen more frequently as well as times they're less frequent. You just got unlucky and landed on a frequent crit time when you picked up that particular weapon and it still would have happened regardless what's in your toons hands.

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