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    nuclear winter event

    new event is not updating on the contract seems to be ending pre maturely even on single spikes, still a ton of time left and still monsters left to kill but yet it ends? this is on majors and single spikes

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    I was just on PTS did a couple of minors, no item rewards, and not ticking off the pursuit as completing the arkfalls. Also the PTS test lockboxes still contain loot for Solstice Strike.

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    As Destro pointed out in the main NW post, the only thing that's active is the NW majors and minors. The guns aren't in the boxes yet.

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    Fair enough, what I get for not reading it first.

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    yeah but they are not even counting towards the 2 arkfall majors in the TAR contract line

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    how do u get into the PTS?

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    go at the game launcher and look for the servers in the upper right corner select pts (you WILL need to re-download the game again so are like 16 gb) and click play

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    Destro posted just a little while ago that the full event should be on PTS in a couple hours.

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