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    Quote Originally Posted by Bentu View Post
    What no Saws lol, don't be gone too long.
    probably only a few months maybe

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    Is the Dancer supremed?

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    I got 18mil on 7th legion ar

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaotic Masters View Post
    probably only a few months maybe
    Ok cool.

    This looks like any offer can bin it.
    What weapon is oblivion anyway?

    Supreme Oblivion(Bio)
    ego: 4807
    syn: Cannoneer
    BIN: Offer

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    Bombardier SMG

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grave Digger View Post
    Is the Dancer supremed?
    no oj...........

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    Another "quitting" sale?

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    Quote Originally Posted by xXxDSMer View Post
    Another "quitting" sale?
    I never said anything about quiting just taking a break, plus why does it matter what I do? I feel I can do whatever I want its a free country.

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    You might want to consider postponing your break just a little... The next events weapons look pretty promising.(And the finale's are a lot of bloody fun

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