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    Buff Superiority Synergy

    When expo first came out, the superiority synergy was promised to be ultra-powerful end game content.

    These days the superiority synergy doesn't stand up to other basic vendor synergies. E.g. Even echelon is more powerful.

    As the latest set of event synergies become more and more OP, these weapons are becoming pointless and less desirable.

    To keep the expos worth grinding, I would suggest adding more to the synergy to make it more powerful with one or two of the following ... e.g. Health/lifesteal 10%, 30% speedyfeet on dmg, 10% crit, 10% firerate, -10% dmg reduction, -10% all nano dmg or add 5% to each of the backpack powers (e.g. 15% dmg increase, 10% health and shields)

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    Also increase drop rates for ark shields and JPs i have done tons of expos and got 0 of those items so far.

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